Our commitments

EDF Renewables places every employee, as well as any person involved in its activities, right at the center of its priorities and makes health and safety its first responsibility.

In line with EDF Group Human Ambition as part of « CAP 2030 » strategy, EDF Renewables is committed to ensuring safety and protecting the health of its employees, contractors and third-parties and reflects it in the following objectives: eradicate fatal and serious accidents, control our risks, and protect health.

Our commitments
  • Pursue the strengthening and embrace a continuous improvement approach of our health and safety organization, based on the B.E.S.T. (Building Experience in Safety Together) framework and EDF Group Life Saving Rules.
  • Prevent and control health and safety risks associated with our activities and take them into account in our decision‐making process.
  • Monitor the implementation of our health and safety policy and provide appropriate resources to achieve the objectives set.
  • Promote our ambition both internally and externally, team spirit, and sharing of good practices.
  • Be personally involved, be a role model and available on‐site.

Our expectations
  • Each company controlled by EDF Renewables will implement, under its management responsibility, our health and safety policy locally, and in compliance with applicable legislation and other local requirements.
  • Managers, with the support of health and safety professionals, will be the primary players of the implementation of our health and safety policy and will be exemplary in the promotion of our ambition.
  • Employees will be empowered and a culture of trust, caring and transparency will be promoted.
  • Our partners, contractors and suppliers will be associated to our ambition and will contribute to the achievement of our objectives. Because we have the firm belief that health and safety is not only a fundamental basis of our culture but also a factor of operational excellence, we count on everyone’s involvement.