The Bolero solar photovoltaic plant is located in the Atacama desert, in the municipality of Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta Region, about 1.500 km north of Santiago.

The co-owners are EDF Renewables Chile and Marubeni Corporation.

The plant has an installed capacity of 146 MW with a generation capacity of renewable energy of approx. 380 GWh per year, enough for the annual supply of 191.000 households, avoiding the emission of 380.000 tons of CO2.

The solar plant represents a surface of 515 ha and consists of 468.880 polycristalline modules and horizontal single axis trackers that follow the sun to ensure maximum efficiency.

EDF Renewables Chile is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Bolero was inaugurated by EDF’s CEO Jean-Bernard Levy on 1st December 2016 and the French president Francois Hollande went to the plant during his official visit to Chile in January 2017.